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Clickspace. 2015 Spring with Prof. Miller

Robin Evans describes the space between a drawing and its object as a once-productive site in architecture. This site, with the proliferation of new digital, printing and fabrication technologies, has become a blind spot; an unexplored area often regarded as a given, a factory setting. Clickspace investigates this crucial mediation space in contemporary architectural design which springs into existence upon clicking the “print” button.

Clickspace employs investigation techniques inspired by experimental artists who created by collaborating with machines or with rule-based games - artists such as Manfred Mohr, Stan Brakhage and Oulipo. An understanding of clickspace requires moving beyond the closed-source software and manufacturing instruments available to designers and investigating the inner workings of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) systems and their machine-machine interfaces.

With a cobbled-together assemblage of parts from obsolete appliances, Clickspace stretches CNC/CAM translation sequences in time and records them in slender drawings strips. These time-lapse drawing series reveal themselves to be part of a rudimentary but emergent graphic notation system which simultaneously rereads and rewrites architectural input drawings. Once transformed through the same process, output drawings can be compared, spliced together and recombined in new ways.

Clickspace received the University of Toronto's 2015 Kuwabara-Jackman Thesis Gold Medal, awarded to the student judged by the faculty to have completed the most outstanding M.Arch thesis of the year. It has been exhibited at CMU's Miller Gallery and is scheduled to be exhibited at MIT's Keller Gallery in December 2017.